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Playlist update Plus Promotions listing!

2016-07-23 00:43:15 by TsetsukenMusic

Hi everyone!! I updated the almighty Best of Playlist

Also, Be on the lookout for IO - still being worked on (pretty heavily at that)


I want to also want to do something new, I want to start keeping track of places where my songs are in a nice convienent list, this would give you guys (the creators) another way to be seen :P

On a Rainy Morning used in Phantom Reverse #1

Valor for the upcoming game Redside

Floating Space is now in BG BLU

Floating Space made it into Star Eater

Floating Space also made it into a new (NSFW) game! Babe Runner

Trapped Within a Dream, Dive Deeper, and Shimering Sunset made it into Cannon Clicker

Zombies made it into Zombiez

Floating Space was pretty popular and made it onto Total Balance

Midnight made it into Flash Advent Calendar '12


My own plugs:

Unity inside of The Holy Jesus Croissant

On a Rainy Morning Inside of Memories | PowerPlayTwitchTV

^I need a better cam lol^


I apologize if I have missed anything, it is late for me as I write this, please let me know if you notice a missing song/content!



New Album

2016-07-03 11:36:49 by TsetsukenMusic

:O - This is the only hint I'm giving


Embers and Ashes is released! Decided to make this album shorter than I wanted to but I do have more projects in mind :D

[Tsets] - Embers and Ashes


I hope you guys enjoy!


2016-05-06 12:19:08 by TsetsukenMusic

Hello everyone!

I'm proud to say that one of my tracks made it into an IOS Andriod app, It's called Total Balance and it is currently free! It's a game where you stack boxes to reach a target while keeping them balanced in different environments and obsticles, Pretty fun to play and nicely designed.

Total Balance on Google Play Store

Still working on the Embers and Ashes album, I hope everyone enjoyed the release of Unity

TsetsukenMusic - Unity

I have been working pretty hard on a bunch of tracks for this album, sadly it's finals week so I haven't been able to do much but when the Summer comes then expect a lot of buzz to be coming from here!

Thank you guys!



Streaming live now!

2016-04-30 15:15:21 by TsetsukenMusic

On Youtube


New Album Announcement #2

2016-04-26 15:40:19 by TsetsukenMusic

Hello all!

The name shall be Embers and Ashes. The genre is going to be mostly House based. Art has been made (in progress). So excited to get to work on it!!!

Hello everyone!

I'm back to let you guys know my Ocean Escape album is now complete (link below). I'm going to start working on a new one relatively soon.

TsetsukenMusic - Ocean Escape Album

I have also decided to stick with this alias as I did not expect the amount of recent support I have been getting. I really wish I could personally thank everyone.

What's next?

I'm thinking of heading more towards a house album with this next one. So far the album name is going to be Embers (still working on some things so it's not final). I will keep everyone updated and will post the official launch here as well.

Hello everyone!

I want to start this with saying: I did not get a supporter badge because of Trump being plastered all over Newgrounds (now April 3rd..), but, not only have I been able to use this wonderful site for years now - I have also recieved my first front page on my song Skipping Rocks!!! So I felt like someone deserved a little extra support :P

New YouTube Channel!

2016-04-01 19:38:35 by TsetsukenMusic

Strictly for Content under TsetsukenMusic


I hope everyone enjoys!

New Album Being Created + Updates

2016-03-20 16:36:40 by TsetsukenMusic

Link------> [Tsets] - Ocean Escape <------Link



[Edit] - I'll leave this post as is but I am reconsidering my decision to stay as Tsetsuken Music. I want to thank everyones support, this has helped me on the decision by a lot.


Hello everyone, I have some news. 

This will be my last album release under my alias Tsetsuken Music ([Tsets]).
With that being said, I will be moving away from Newgrounds as well until I get everything situation under my new alias.

My current idea is to rename into Crashing Waves (or something to do with the Ocean) as of right now, I apologize for any fans that may be still out there but this does not mean I'm leaving music altogether. I will keep everyone posted as time goes on of coarse! 

I started as a wee producer sometime in the beginning of 2008 and I have held onto Tsetsuken Music for about 8 beautiful years - making mostly experimental tracks. Although not many tracks make it too far into the world of exposure, I feel it's time to re-brand into something more mature to aid that process. I want to move into more chill music as well - Chillwave, Chillstep, and Chill(insert genre here). I will be finishing up this album as an Experimental/Chill album to help the transition well. 

I bid you all a farewell as Tsetsuken, as I will be finishing this album up, and coming to a close. 

As always, 
I hope that all of you have enjoyed this adventure as much as I did! 

Note: all of this may be subject to change