A little farewell

2013-01-08 01:24:26 by TsetsukenMusic

This is by far, not the last time you will have heard of me. In 1 week, I leave for the AirForce to serve my country. I am saying goodbye for now because I will be away, training for the better part of this year... I will once again continue creating the inspiring tracks after my career gets kicked off. Thank you everyone, for this community really means a lot for me, this is where I started and your feedback provided the drive to keep coming back. Again, thank you everyone for being such a wonderful community.
Goodbye, for now


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2013-01-08 02:39:53

noooo! D:


2013-01-08 09:29:23

farewell and happy trails, tho i knew ya not.


2013-05-27 21:52:45

Good luck with your training, just remember people will miss not having any new music from you!


2013-12-08 14:20:37

Almost through training, currently in Ground Control for ATC, I am hopefully going to get my gear shipped to me soon so I can come back to the community, I miss you all!!