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This is honestly my first Spring in the New England area, Winter and Spring here did not live up to what anyone had said before I moved here lol. They blamed it all on me -_-

squishycake responds:

Trust me (Lived here all my life) it was better.

Love the simplicity lol, I'd include an seizure/epilepsy warning somewhere, the flashing colors might catch people off guard.

5 stars for Mac N Cheese -2 points for seizures, 3/5

I really liked the idea and wish NG's had more visualizers like this for the audio submissions

Fantastic job!

Noisysundae responds:

Do you want to wait 2 days for your computer to render this kind of videos like I did?
(Jk. Just this one. My normal visualizer took me roughly only 1.5 hour per minute. :P)
Actually, I made the visualizers primarily for something to watch in Youtube. My original idea is "I don't want a still picture with audio". The normal visualizer seems to be too repetitive to be in this portal so I intend to upload only unique visualizers.

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Not bad, music is pretty nice. I really like that there is a highscore counter, never knew that was a thing so this is awesome. Only thing I could say is the art could be worked on a little more, seems pretty hard to see some words (yellow words on bright blue background) hard edges etc. Not bad though :)

This was very nicely done!

Few things

Some type of instructions telling players the controls

If able, credits & info are to the left side
list the artists there please if you can, music is great

art isn't very smooth in my opinion, concept and game play are there though

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This is really good! I like how hard the kick hits and transitions into the intro. It has a very wide soundscape feeling with a lot of dynamic sounds throughout the track. The bass is full feeling and clashes well with the other instruments. Feels very atmospheric with sort of a trap vibe, reminds me of The Glitch Mob in a way.

At first I couldn't tell where this instrumental was going but once the "Euphoric pad" was added (at 00:12) it really got things going. It is one of my favorite sounds which went really well with the bass line.

At about 01:00 the new pad added there feels like it conflicts with some of the tones from the pick sound, and I feel is hurting this. Lowering the volume could be the solution but it's overpowering it for me. I'm not the most familiar with cyberpunk so it could be different)

Overall I'd give this a higher score because multiple times I found myself bobbing my head the the beat.
parts 00:25-01:00, 01:49-0:2:12, and 03:00-3:23 (absolutely my favorite part) were sections I really liked!!

Kalviter responds:

I'm really glad you like it, and I do agree about the higher pad clashing somewhat with the pick (although it is deliberately a little bit noisy so idk how much I can actually do to fix that). I like the name for the pad, I've never figured out what to call it myself.

Intro is very nice with the filterd sound, I feel the hihat/ride could use some work, it sounds like it could take this song to a more professional level because it sounded really good melody wise.

Builds are very nice in this, keep these kinds of builds in further songs. I can dance to this so it makes a very great house song in my opinion.

Bass sounds good to me as well, you need some vocals (this is the next step) because this sounds really good to me!

03:50 when the main songs drops out sounded really well

Keep this up!

MrSmash64 responds:

Thx for the advice! Do you know any signers that would be right for songs like this? PM me if you happen to! xD

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