Entry #18

Playlist update Plus Promotions listing!

2016-07-23 00:43:15 by TsetsukenMusic

Hi everyone!! I updated the almighty Best of Playlist

Also, Be on the lookout for IO - still being worked on (pretty heavily at that)


I want to also want to do something new, I want to start keeping track of places where my songs are in a nice convienent list, this would give you guys (the creators) another way to be seen :P

On a Rainy Morning used in Phantom Reverse #1

Valor for the upcoming game Redside

Floating Space is now in BG BLU

Floating Space made it into Star Eater

Floating Space also made it into a new (NSFW) game! Babe Runner

Trapped Within a Dream, Dive Deeper, and Shimering Sunset made it into Cannon Clicker

Zombies made it into Zombiez

Floating Space was pretty popular and made it onto Total Balance

Midnight made it into Flash Advent Calendar '12


My own plugs:

Unity inside of The Holy Jesus Croissant

On a Rainy Morning Inside of Memories | PowerPlayTwitchTV

^I need a better cam lol^


I apologize if I have missed anything, it is late for me as I write this, please let me know if you notice a missing song/content!




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